Judith Clark Sonata Celebration

The Judith Clark Sonata Celebration is an annual event held each year in September, in which advanced students of Wellington Branch IRMT members are encouraged to perform any or all movements of a sonata (or sonatina) of their choice. The Sonata Celebration is run in three classes: Junior, Senior and Tertiary. Students may perform on any instrument, and may also enter duet sonatas. All performers receive an adjudicator’s report, however only performances of whole sonatas (or sonatinas) will be eligible for prizes.


Sonata Celebration – 14 & under

1st prize: Zhe Ning Chin; 2nd prize: William Berry

Ning & William

Ning and William with adjudicator Guy Donaldson from Palmerston North

Sonata Celebration – 15 & over

1st prize: Liam Furey; 2nd prize: Helen Chiu

Helen & Liam

Helen and Liam with adjudicator Guy Donaldson from Palmerston North

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