1 Kate Jourdain class:

Solo piano, age 8 & under

Awards: Violet Ma, Karmen Zhou, Logan Sparks

Best performance of a NZ work: Karmen Zhou

2 Solo piano, age 9-10


Awards: Nomi Barraud, Evie Samaeli, Shanwen Tan

Best performance of a NZ work: Zac Li

3 Jack Melvin Class:

Solo piano, age 11 – 12

Awards: Iris Ma, Joshua Langford, Emma Shea

Best performance of a NZ work: Lane Jiang

4 Hilda Howard Class:

Solo piano, age 13–14

Awards: Zhe Ning Chin, George He, Max Wallace

Best performance of a NZ work: George He

5 Solo piano, age 15-16


Awards: Gabrielle Wu, Margrit Hong

Best performance of a NZ work: Gabrielle Wu

6 WPIG Class:

Solo piano, age 17-21

1st = prize: Noelle Daulton, Claudia Tarrant-Matthews

3rd prize: Liam Furey

Best performance of a NZ work: Claudia Tarrant-Matthews

7 Judith Clark Class:

Solo Piano - Bach - open

1st: Noelle Daulton

2nd: Gabrielle Wu

8 Piano Plus Junior, age 13 & under


1st prize: Ambrose Tarrant-Matthews (violin/piano) & Catherine Lee Harrison (violin/piano)

2nd = prize: Natalie Guldborg (piano) & Danielle Guldborg (cello)

2nd = prize: Quentin Stark (piano) & Hannah Stark (violin)

9 Piano Plus Senior, age 18 & under


1st prize: Liam Furey (piano), Emily Paterson (cello)

2nd prize: Isabel Ross (piano), Caerwyn Ross (violin), Jack Mayer (cello)

10 Women Composers

Solo piano, open

1st prize: Liam Furey

2nd prize: Max Wallace

Special prizes Florence Murray Award for Most promising performer under 15  

Karmen Zhou

Emerging Young Composer Award Liam Furey


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