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Easy Tunes for Tamariki

CALL FOR SCORES:  Easy Tunes for Tamariki  

Wellington Branch IRMTNZ invites submissions of scores for beginner violin and cello students.

Wellington Branch IRMTNZ is planning to publish Easy Tunes for Tamariki,  a collection of original pieces for violin and for cello submitted by composers from Aotearoa New Zealand. The music is to be appropriate for pupils from preliminary up to grade 2 level, and each is to include a simple piano accompaniment.

There is a shortage of published solo music for beginners up to grade 2 level by New Zealand composers for instruments other than piano. This project aims to help to rectify that situation.

A payment is available for the composers of the selected pieces, thanks to the generosity of a private benefactor.

Deadline for receipt of scores: 11.59 pm (NZT), 30 November 2021.

Full details and link to the submission form are below.

About Us

The Institute of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand (IRMTNZ) is New Zealand’s professional organisation for all music teachers

Wellington Branch IRMTNZ runs professional development events for teachers and performance opportunities for students. The annual Piano Plus Festival is for students of all ages and instruments, and each performer’s programme must include a piece by a New Zealand composer.



  • Nationality: the composer must be a Citizen of, or have Permanent Resident Status in  Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Age: composers can be of any age, including college students.

 NB: For composers aged 17 years or under on 30 November 2021, both they and their parents/ legal guardians must sign agreement to the conditions.

  • Composers may be professional or amateur.

DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF SCORES:  11.59 pm (NZT), 30 November 2021.

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR SCORE: scores must be submitted using the form available HERE


Instrument written for: violin or cello (see categories below) for beginner pupils, with simple  piano accompaniment suitable for an older sibling to play.

Works must be original. Original works using pre-existing elements are welcome (eg. variations on a folk tune or waiata). If applicable, permission from the relevant whānau or other kaitiaki (guardians) and/or use of all copyright of pre-existing material must be cleared in writing by the composer before submitting their work.

Any number of individual works may be submitted by each composer.

Works must be unpublished, but may already have been performed.

Categories/ duration of pieces

Scores are to be appropriate for pupils learning at the following levels:

  • Preliminary or grade 1 or grade 2 level. For guidance, information in the following links may   be used:

ABRSM: Pages 16–27/58–63/95-96.

Trinity: Pages 19/24–26/27–35.

NZMEB Violin: Pages 5-6/30–37.

  • An original simple piano accompaniment suitable for an older sibling to play is to be included with each piece.
  • Duration: Preliminary level 30-45 secs. Grades 1 and 2: 1 min-1:30 min.  

Style / character of the music

  • Any form, style and idiom will be considered.
  • Scores which are detailed enough to be interesting but simple enough to be performed with confidence by an average pupil at the chosen learning level will be given priority.


Scores and parts must be prepared with notation software, or very neatly handwritten, and provided in PDF format. Those deemed illegible by IRMTNZ Wellington Branch will not be accepted. 

Please provide the individual instrument part separately from the main score.

If possible, please provide a recording of your work in mp3 format. MIDI realisations are accepted, but must be in mp3 format.


Please label all scores and recordings (and their file names) with the title and level of your piece but remove any personal identifying details so that your submission can be assessed anonymously.


Submitted works will be assessed by a panel of experienced teachers including string specialists who are members of IRMTNZ or specialists co-opted by us. Up to fifteen compositions will be selected for publication.


For each score selected for publication, the composer will receive $NZ 400 including GST on invoice to Wellington Branch IRMTNZ, thanks to the generosity of a private benefactor.

We anticipate that the selection will be made by 31 January 2022. All composers will be advised of the acceptance or otherwise of their submitted work.  



The chosen works will be collated into one volume of pieces and formatted to create a consistent appearance by a professional typesetter chosen by Wellington Branch IRMTNZ.

The volume, named Easy Tunes for Tamariki, will be published in A4 portrait layout. It will be available via SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music as a hard copy or downloadable electronic copy.


The volume would be downloaded or printed on demand using SOUNZ in-house equipment and materials.


In their normal way, SOUNZ will pay the composers directly a share of the commission for every sale. This will be arranged by SOUNZ and the composers.

First performance

As the publishing body, Wellington Branch IRMTNZ reserves the right to to give the first public performance of the music at a special event in Wellington, probably during early-mid 2022. It is hoped that the selected composers will attend.

Future Performances

By submitting works to this Call, composers are agreeing that, if their work is selected for inclusion in Easy Tunes for Tamariki, all royalties for performance of the works in an education context will be waived.


Please complete the online submission form available HERE. You will need to upload the following:

  • the full score (include the title of your work but your name must not appear anywhere on your work)
  • the separate instrumental part (include the title of your work but your name must not appear anywhere on your work)
  • a recording of your work in MP3 format (optional)
  • If you are aged 17 years or younger on 30 November 2021, you will need to upload to your submission a copy of the Terms and Conditions above, signed by you and your parent or legal guardian. Download a copy HERE.