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Piano Plus Festival

The Piano Plus Festival is an annual event held in June, providing a great performance opportunity for all students of Wellington Branch IRMT members to prepare a short programme of music, perform to a supportive audience, receive valuable feedback from an adjudicator, and to hear other performers and repertoire.

Students perform a selection of contrasting pieces for Classes 1 – 5. Grades given are simply as a guideline. In all classes, the performance may be on any instrument, and if accompanied on another instrument it may be by an adult/teacher. If entering as a soloist, only the soloist will be assessed. Classes 1 – 5 must all include one work by a New Zealand composer, which may be an own composition. Duos, duets and ensembles (Classes 7 and 8) are all for students only, and are for any instruments, including voice.

All performers in classes 1, 2 and 3 will receive gold/silver/bronze medals. Performers in these classes are assessed on their own merits and are not assessed against each other. Certificates and prize money will be awarded for classes 4 – 8. There is also an award for an Emerging Young Composer, who will receive a voucher from SOUNZ for an own composition, and there is also a prize from SOUNZ for the best performance of a NZ work in each of classes 1 – 5.

Piano Plus Festival Timetable – 2021