Judith Clark Sonata Celebration 2023

The Judith Clark Sonata Celebration is an annual event held each year in September. Students of Wellington Branch IRMTNZ members are encouraged to perform any or all movements of a Sonata (or Sonatina) of their choice.

The Sonata Celebration is run in three classes: Junior, Senior and Tertiary.

Students may perform on any instrument, and may also enter duet sonatas. All performers receive an adjudicator’s report, however only performances of whole sonatas (or sonatinas) will be eligible for prizes.

2023 Sonata Celebration Results

Session 1 (15 Years and Over)

1st place Minh Duc Nguyen
2nd place Fleur Locke-Brook
VHC Zachary Thirkell, Laura Cookson
HC Tal Shiri

Session 2 and 3 (14 years and Under)
1st place Samuel Yuan
2nd place Miles Lin
3rd place Edgar Watson (violin)

Other Recalls: Prinze Grose,(piano), Edmund Green, William Ding, Eric Zhang.

VHC  Kexin Liu, Sienna Qian, , Amelia Liu, Xi Rou Wang, Prinze Grose (piano). Lyndey Jiang, Edmund Green, William Ding, Eric Zhang, Amelia Guldborg.

HC  Haoyuan Gu, Caesar Grose (violin), Edgar Watson (piano), Cynthia Liu,Stephanie Wu, Lily Yang, Lucas Li.

Session 4 and 5: (Tertiary)
1st place William Berry
2nd place Otis Prescott-Mason
VHC Ben Kennedy, Amelia Lin.
HC Yao Liu, Lana Ritchie

This year we also ran a Masterclass with pianists chosen from the Under 14 Class.. You can find more details about it here.